Development of a nondestructive vibration technique for bond assessment of space shuttle tiles

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Dept. of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, University of Central Florida, National Aeronautics and Space Administration, National Technical Information Service, distributor , Orlando, Fla, [Washington, DC, Springfield, Va
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Statementprincipal investigator, Faissal A. Moslehy.
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This final report describes the achievements of the above titled project. The project is funded by NASA-KSC (Grant No.

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NAG ) for the period of 1 Jan. to 31 Dec. The purpose of this project was to develop a nondestructive, noncontact technique based on 'vibration signature' of tile systems to quantify the bond conditions of the thermal protection system) tiles of Space Shuttle Cited by: 1.

The purpose of this project was to develop a nondestructive, noncontact technique based on 'vibration signature' of tile systems to quantify the bond conditions of the thermal protection system) tiles of Space Shuttle orbiters. The technique uses a laser rapid scan system, modal measurements, and finite element : Faissal A.

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Moslehy. It is shown how vibration measurements made at a single station in the structure can be used, in conjunction with a suitable theoretical model, to indicate both the location and the magnitude of a defect. Receptance analysis is used in this instance, but the principle is equally applicable to other techniques of mathematical by: The signatures are obtained by controlled vibration tests.

A number of methods are presented here that are candidates for objective and effective examination of bridge signatures. These methods are based on techniques of digital signal processing and pattern recognition. A “smoother” that may be used to preprocess signatures is by:   Vibration analysis and non-destructive testing with real-time shearography C.


Description Development of a nondestructive vibration technique for bond assessment of space shuttle tiles EPUB

TOH Real-time laser speckle shearography coupled with vibration stressing is shown to be an effective means of vibration analysis and non-destructive testing. The shearograms are modulated by a system of live by: The background to the shuttle’s tiles lay in work dating to the early s at Lockheed Missiles & Space Company.

A Lockheed patent disclosure provided the first description of a reusable insulation made of ceramic fibers for use as a re-entry vehicle heat shield.

In other phased shuttle Thermal Protection System development efforts. Non-destructive testing (NDT) inspection has been verified to efficiently know the current conditioning of bridge foundations. In this paper, NDT techniques were required to inspect the unknown.

ORBITER MANUFACTURING AND ASSEMBLY The structures of the orbiter were manufactured at various companies under contract to Rockwell International's Space Transportation Systems Division, Downey, Calif.

The upper and lower forward fuselage, crew compartment, forward reaction control system and aft fuselage were manufactured at Rockwell's Space Transportation Systems Division. Search for: On-Line Non-Destructive Measurement for Interference-Fit. by cobik on Construction of Models for Nondestructive Prediction of.

Construction of Models for Nondestructive Prediction of. Posted on by mafur. Nondestructive measurement of index profile of an optical. The NDE Development Program is a research and development organization advancing NDE at NASA sites across the nation to assure spacecraft Quality and mission success.

Specifically, the program oversees development of inspection techniques requested or anticipated for upcoming missions, trains center NDE managers, develops and updates inspection.

This is a new chapter that examines the basic concepts of vibration analysis, which includes the modes of vibration, resonance, and degrees of freedom, sources of vibration, noise analysis, stress analysis, modal analysis, and troubleshooting.

For rotating equipment, order analysis is of prime importance. -rated vibration testbed. The laboratory typically provides testing for subsystems and smaller to as small as a 4 oz heart rate monitor.

The SVL was specifically designed for used for Apollo, Skylab, Space Shuttle, and Space Station tests.

It provides a test articles. Massive test articles can be supported by pneumatic springs. Home; Endoscopic Shearography and Thermography methods for non; Endoscopic Shearography and Thermography methods for non.

Endoscopic Shearography and Thermography methods for non. A Vibration Technique for Non-Destructive Testing of Fibre Composite Structures Show all authors.

Peter Cawley. Peter Cawley. Department of Mechanical Engineering University of Bristol Bristol, BS8 1 TR, UK See all articles by this author.

Search Google Scholar for. Research being performed to develop a viable noncontacting NDE technique for measuring the extent of bonding has led to the development of a laser sensor field system. The noncontacting laser sensor has been used to collect data from diffuse surfaces, such as the Thermal Protection System (TPS) tile on the space shuttle orbiter.

Nondestructive damage-testing technology based on vibration signal analysis makes full use of the response characteristics of wave and energy. With the advantages of wide bandwidths of response frequency and high sensitivity, the nondestructive testing technology based on vibration signal analysis has a superiority in the application for the detection and characterization of structural defects.

Application to acoustic emission monitoring during nondestructive bond verification and proof loading of undensified tiles on the Space Shuttle Orbiter is considered. Read more Article.

The Space Shuttle system consists of four primary elements: an orbiter spacecraft, two Solid Rocket Boosters, an external tank to house fuel and oxidizer and three Space Shuttle main engines.

The orbiter is built by Rockwell International's Space Transportation Systems Division, Downey, Calif., which also has responsibility for the integration. Research continued on the development of a nondestructive evaluation technique for inspecting bonds on the space shuttle orbiter thermal protection system tiles.

The approach taken uses a noncontacting laser sensor to measure the vibrational response of bonded tiles to acoustical excitation. D.K. Hsu, in Non-Destructive Evaluation (NDE) of Polymer Matrix Composites, Inspection of aerospace composites. In order for NDE to serve as an essential component in the life-cycle management of aerospace composite structures, it must meet the needs for manufacturing process control and quality assurance, as well as in-service damage inspection and characterization.

Vibration monitoring is the oldest type of machine monitoring technique and is the detection of the oscillation of a surface or structure up to a frequency of approximately 25 kHz. Vibration is detected and measured by using transducers to convert vibration energy into an electrical signal.

“Vibration Tolerance,” provided a guide for condition assessment based on vibration displacement from approximately 60 to 7, cpm (1 Hz to Hz).

Development of Electronic Vibration Measurement. Much modifications to assure the stability of the space shuttle propulsion pumps is. Determination of the Latest Best Available Techniques for Control of Noise and Vibration and Their Applicability to Each of the Regimes with Regulatory Responsibility.

The study is a desktop review of current noise assessment methodologies and noise and vibration. Reference: Weiser, E.S., Nemeth, M.P.

et al: “Assessment of Technologies for the Space Shuttle External Tank Thermal Protection System and Recommendations for Technology Improvement”, NASA/TM, July Click to access _pdf.

From the reference: “Two major types of foam have been used on the ET. The paper presents the results of integrated ground penetrating radar (GPR) and ultrasonic testing (UT) measurements conducted on a historical floor in St. Nicholas’ Church, Gdańsk, Poland. The described inspection was the first stage of the technical state assessment of the building.

The aim of the study was the detection of underfloor air gaps, which were observed in a few trial pits. nondestructive dc beam current monitor with nano-ampere We have injected an intense relativistic electron beam about 1 mev, 16 ka, 25 ns into the atmosphere and observed the beam in visible light caused by direct beam excitation of air molecules.

Vibration Technique for Space Shuttle Tile Bond Assessment," December January - ($75,). NASA Grant #NAG at the University of Central Florida, "Development of a Nondestructive Vibration Technique for Bond Assessment of Space Shuttle Tiles," January - December ($,).

estimated prior to applying experimental vibration techniques. There are many different common sets of generalized coordinates in use for mechanical vibration analysis. If a position vector, r, of a particle (or center-of-mass) is written in terms of its associated generalized.

Finite Element Analysis techniques are useful for such situations, as accurate modeling can require an assessment of the properties of the vibration source, the transmission medium (the ground) and also the impacted building, a dificult problem for any other assessment method.

vibration test conditions Evaluation of vibration resistance performance in product development has traditionally employed tests using vibration testing apparatus, and in order to apply analysis to such evaluation it was necessary to repro-duce the conditions of such apparatus.

To solve this problem we employ the large mass method.effective velocity assessment method, the vibration measurement and assessment of small bore pipes of GuangDong DaYa Bay Nuclear Power Plant were performed. The analysis of peak velocities and effective velocities indicates that effective velocity is a better parameter representing steady-state vibration levels for small bore piping.Vibration Response of a Cylindrical Skin to Acoustic Pressure via the Franken Method Richard Lyon, SVM-1, Random Noise and Vibration in Space Vehicles NASA CR Summary of Random Vibration Prediction Procedures NASA CR Assessment of Space Vehicle Aeroacoustic-Vibration Prediction, Design, and Testing.